Testing and inspection of electrical installations

All systems need thorough testing at launch and then undergo regular periodic testing to ensure both safety and efficient performance.

We can also test and perform remedial work on systems that we haven’t designed or installed, meaning if you’re having trouble with your existing system, we can evaluate it’s safety and  performance, and perform works to ensure your system is safe and functional.

Regardless of when your electrical testing and inspection is needed, our electrical engineers are on call 24/7 so if your system needs urgent remedial work, we can provide experienced specialists able to resolve your issues.

Electrical Testing Service

We thoroughly test all of our systems to ensure peak efficiency as well as reliability, safe operation and compliance with all the major accrediting bodies overseeing electrical works.

We can also perform regular electrical testing as part of an ongoing maintenance package, and are happy to provide maintenance packages for both our own installation as well as existing systems. Regular testing is essential to ensure safe, efficient operation and goes hand in hand with regular maintenance and remedial works.

Frequency of testing

For new electrical installations, the initial frequencies for inspection and testing will be recommended by the electrical designer. Subsequent intervals will be recommended by the competent person carrying out the inspection and testing.

The frequency of periodic inspection and testing of an installation shall be determined with regards to the type of installation and equipment. The results and recommendations of any previous report, if any, shall also be taken into account.

electrical installation

Additionally, we test: Fixed Wiring  / Portable Appliance (PAT) / Emergency Lighting / Fire Alarms

Electrical Testing And Inspection

Electrical Repair Services

Even the best maintained system will occasionally require an inspection and remedial work, and unmaintained systems are likely to require extensive remedial work. Over time, systems can become less efficient, components under particularly high stress can fail and systems can become unsafe.

EESI can inspect your existing system and perform repair work to recover functionality, improve reliability, pass safety tests to meet accreditation or insurance criteria, or to improve efficiency.