EESI work with clients across a wide range of specialist sectors, and we have particular specialisms with businesses in the following industries:

Manufacturing & Engineering

EESI have worked with a number of manufacturing and engineering businesses, supplying services from heat recovery, air conditioning and lighting design, to full building maintenance and more specific requirements like installing fork lift charging bays and delivering low voltage networks and substations.

Food & Beverages

The Food & Beverages industry benefits from a wide range of EESI’s services, particularly air conditioning, ventilation, heating, building and facilities maintenance as well as lighting and security services.

Warehouse, Logistics & Distribution

Air conditioning, heating and lighting design can all highly impact the operational effectiveness of a distribution warehouse. By improving your systems you can improve workplace comfort, employee satisfaction and productivity.


EESI has had a strong relationship with the education sector for many years, working in schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutions. Our clients in the sector value our comprehensive facilities management service as well as our range of complementary services such as security systems and networks & data.


Our work with the retail sector has included outfitting shop interiors and shopfronts, converting backrooms into functional storage areas or additional retail space.

Power Generation

The power generation industry often requires specialist engineering services to support production. Having  facilities set up with effective electrical and mechanical systems is essential for efficient and safe power generation. We’ve supported numerous businesses in the power generation and related industries to create working environments that suit their systems and processes.

Oil & Gas

From harvesting resources, to refinement, processing and distribution, EESI have supported the oil and gas industries at every stage of the supply chain. From outfitting new facilities, to extending existing buildings and fitting appropriate electrical, mechanical, fire and security systems, our specialist engineers have the industry knowledge to provide solutions that fit your business.

Heritage Properties & Estates

EESI have an expert team of heritage property engineers who specialise in installing and repairing electrical and mechanical systems in heritage properties. We understand the value of treating heritage properties with care and respect, and appreciate the trust our wide range of heritage clients put in us when it comes to their property.