Many businesses only need equipment during certain seasons, or in emergency situations, hence why we at EESI Hire offer a wide range of portable cooling, dehumidification, heating, and ventilation units that support businesses to operate effectively in a variety of situations.

Hiring equipment with EESI Hire has many advantages, including:

  • Making equipment more affordable
  • Offering immediate solutions in unforeseen circumstances
  • Having use of equipment that’s portable and versatile
  • Not having to make a permanent decision – you can try it out!
  • Benefiting from non-fixed, flexible hire periods to suit you
  • Receiving a personal and tailored service
  • Added reassurance if you have an unexpected breakdown of your own equipment
  • Accessing a temporary alternative to integrated system

Plus, if you hire equipment with us and decide it would be cost-efficient to get something more permanent – our expert engineers will deliver, install, and set up your equipment for you. Just contact our team to discuss the best option for you.

    Our Range of EESI Hire Equipment

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    • Split and exhaust type options
    • Evaporative
    • Fixed installations via eesicool air conditioning

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      • Building dryers
      • Flood Drainage
      • Humidifiers

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        • Electric, gas and oil
        • Indirect and direct fired
        • All applications catered for

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          • Cooling fans
          • Industrial fans
          • All applications catered for

            Sectors that use EESI Hire





            Hospitality & Leisure


            Heritage Buildings

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