Renewable Power Source

EESI are a leading renewable energy company in the UK and can provide an extensive range of renewables solutions to help you reduce your business’s carbon footprint. We can install solar panels, energy efficient lighting, heat recovery ventilation and a range of other solutions including smart energy management.

Renewable Energy Companies


Many businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in the help of a renewable energy company, usually by way of solar panels, small wind turbines or geothermal heat recovery ventilation. EESI can undertake a renewable site survey and make recommendations as to which renewable solutions would best fit your building and your business.

We can install and maintain a system designed around your building, location and surroundings to ensure unobtrusive renewable solutions that generate energy for your business. Our specialist renewable team manage every aspect of the installation, from compliance to connection, to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Smart Energy Management

Smart Buildings utilising Smart Energy Management are increasingly popular. Smart Energy Management allows remote controlling of a buildings key systems and easy accessible digital monitoring of energy usage and costs.

Often monitored through a smartphone or tablet app, the ability to micromanage your buildings energy output can result in significant cost savings and give far greater visibility of where your energy is going.

Smart Energy Management can be installed with new systems or retrofitted onto existing installations. EESI can audit your existing systems and energy consumption to assess whether your building could benefit from smart building controls.