Low voltage power
supply units

Low voltage power supply units are an essential requirement for many types of business. Machinery often needs a more direct connection than a regular plug delivers, and lv power distribution achieves this.

We design a network that meets your requirements whether that’s just a couple of additional power points, or RCD installation, while adhering to the specifications of accrediting bodies and safety requirements and ensuring the network is efficient, reliable and easy-to-maintain.

Low Voltage Power Supply

Industrial & Commercial
Manufacturers and engineers in particular often need dedicated lv power distribution for specific machinery, ventilation systems and other production support systems. We design 110v and 415v distribution solutions tailored to your facility’s requirements based on an initial appraisal studying factors like site layout, required load, usability, cable management and above all reliability and efficiency.

Design, Installation & Project Management
Every EESI project has a dedicated project manager who will oversee the design and installation of your low voltage power supply and ensure a smooth journey from concept to completion. Having a single point of contact throughout the life of the system isn’t only convenient, it also means when you need support, you’re speaking to people familiar with your system, your business and your requirements.